Advisory Services

My extensive experience means that I will be able to support you with many aspects of your business. In addition, I have a wide network of associates with specialist knowledge that can support you to invest in your future success. The services I provide can be described under the following headings:

To see whether you could benefit from speaking with me, please ask yourself the questions below.  If you would like to discuss any of the services outlined, please contact me for a free consultation.


  • What are the short, medium and long-term business goals for the business you own or manage?
  • If you are a business owner, are your business goals aligned with your personal goals?
  • Would you like the opportunity to consider objective advice and innovative courses of action?
  • Would you benefit from advice on taking steps to increase your revenue?

I will help you…

  • by supporting you to identify personal goals and business aims, and ensure the two are aligned
  • to review all aspects of your business
  • to evaluate and implement recommendations

Business Review

  • Would you like guidance on the areas of your business that are driving your success and/or holding you back?
  • What best practices could we enhance and use to maximise the success of your business?
  • Are there more efficient Key Performance Indicators that could be used so that we can prioritise areas to enhance?
  • Can meetings be run more effectively so that they are focussing on what is truly important for the business?

I will help you…

  • to ensure sound financial planning is in place for budgeting, hiring staff and reducing costs
  • identifying inefficiencies and overcoming them
  • by supporting you and your team in developing your business

Succession Planning

  • How will you drive your business forward when you step away from your business – either planned or unplanned?
  • Would you like to talk through your thoughts and concerns about formulating an exit plan?
  • Do you want assistance with identifying and retaining the people who will be key to your business in the short, medium and long term?
  • Do you want to ensure that you have the level of control and freedom that is right for you?
  • Do you want to ensure that you have discussed all your options, and have maximum control over the future of your business?

I will help you…

  • to ensure that your business has the right skills for continued success in your short or long term absence
  • by being a trusted adviser you can speak to me about the technical advice you have received from your solicitor and/or accountant
  • if you don’t have suitable advisers I can help you identify and appoint them

Acquisitions and Projects

  • Are you thinking about or in the process of acquiring a company, or disposing a part of your business?
  • Would you like to outsource the due diligence to an experienced adviser who understands businesses from a wide range of industries?

I will help you…

  • by supporting you through the decision making process of an acquisition or disposal
  • by giving you valuable strategic and operational advice to complement the technical advice provided by other professionals e.g. accountants, lawyers
  • by being a key point of contact to bring the project together

Funding Review

  • Is your bank providing the right services at the right price for your business needs, both today and for the future?
  • Have you considered the various options available with an objective and impartial professional who understands both business and finance?
  • Is the balance between your short, medium and long term finance appropriate?

I will help you…

  • to review your banking needs and the options available in an impartial and objective manner
  • to make certain that your funding is fit for purpose today and in the future
  • ensure agreements are documented and monitored to ensure covenants are complied with

Training and Development

  • Could you or any of your team benefit from developing themselves via tailored one-to-one or group coaching sessions?
  • Is the extensive knowledge held by you and your team being used to the best outcome?
  • Could any of your workforce benefit from training in management and leadership?

I will help you…

  • by delivering technical training supported with real life application
  • by providing training and advice to increase workforce morale, productivity or efficiency
  • introducing you to a range of specialist training consultants
DDS Advisory: Fully equipped to meet your investment needs and challenges

Putting you at the heart of everything I do enables me to offer a genuinely client-focused service. In my experience no two clients needs and business objectives are the same, and therefore require different solutions that are right for you.

If you would like to know more about the services DDS Advisory can offer to help improve your business please contact me for a no-obligations consultation.

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