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The DDS Story

I founded DDS so that I could use my unique mix of skills and knowledge to help small, medium and large businesses to succeed and prosper.

I noticed during my thirty years in business and finance that there are a number of consultancies who serve large multinational firms.  However, there are very few (if any) advisers who have the rounded expertise to provide cost effective operational and strategic support to mid-sized or small firms - a market that I understand very well.  Given this, I now focus on addressing exactly that gap in the market.

Duncan Parkes, FIFT
Director, DDS Advisory Ltd.
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Experience You Can Trust

As Managing Director of a major bank’s Turnaround team, I led a team of 350 people and worked with consultants, accountants, lawyers and other professionals to support businesses of different sizes during the latest recession.  Under my leadership, our team won ‘Turnaround Bank of the Year’ - a coveted award that recognises professionals working together to help businesses to succeed and prosper.  Prior to this, I held a number of senior roles working with clients both in the UK and abroad through several economic cycles.

Areas I have worked in include private equity, acquisition, leveraged finance and relationship management.  I have also been a Board Director in both the service and manufacturing sectors.

My wide experience of finance and business means that I can quickly identify opportunities to increase sales or create efficiencies to support higher profits. Equally important, if you face short-term cash flow difficulties or other challenges, I can help you navigate through the crisis, and strengthen your company to ensure future success.

How I Can Help You

The skills and experience that I bring include

  • strategic vision and planning
  • a practical understanding of the drivers of success
  • deep understanding of appropriate funding structures
  • project and change management
  • leadership, coaching, and an ability to transfer skills to others and build winning teams

I can work with you to create the building blocks for your future success.  By outsourcing your ‘business critical’ tasks, you can focus your time on other important day-to-day matters.  Over the last 12 months, I have worked with over a dozen businesses with turnover ranging from £2m to £50m, in a variety of sectors.

Each time, the solutions have been as unique as the businesses themselves.

Remuneration & Fees

A daily rate, a fee by project or a payment linked to your success are some of the ways that I have structured past contracts, and I am always open to new ways of working.

If you would like to learn more about how I have helped clients to succeed and prosper, you can view testimonials from former clients, read about previous successful projects or speak to me directly so that I can get to know your business better, and we can decide how I can be of most help in supporting your business or personal goals.

With you every step of the way towards a better future. Image: running in the Tonbridge Half Marathon

Putting you at the heart of everything I do enables me to offer a genuinely client-focused service. In my experience no two clients needs and business objectives are the same, and therefore require different solutions that are right for you.

If you would like to know more about the services DDS Advisory can offer to help improve your business please contact me for a no-obligations consultation.

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